Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve 5:30 service at 1st Pres...we were, ahem, a little late in arriving. 

The children argued as we drove to the service. They experienced difficulty being quiet and restraining from wiggling during the service. Argued all the way home. 15 minute time out penalty - it was the very nicest punishment I could think of on Christmas Eve.

Changed into pjs. Turned on some Christmas tunes - think Michael Buble and Ella FitzGerald.

Played cards with the Sam & Fairchild while Paul made us breakfast for dinner. Paul makes the best eggs regardless of style. Christmas Eve night - yummy omelet. The excitement of Santa's imminent arrival danced in the air.

Christmas morning....

Sam said "it is the best Christmas EVER!!"


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